Parents of Sophie B. Wright seniors receive letters instead of face-to-face meeting

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NEW ORLEANS – A senior prank gone wrong has caused a number of students to be suspended from school, banned from prom, and banned from walking at their graduation.

On April 10, during a public forum, faculty told parents they would not discuss disciplinary actions of individual students in public.

Instead, parents were told to fill out an appeal form, to be discusses at the school’s next meeting.

So on Tuesday, April 16, each family was to receive 15 minutes to discuss the appeal of the “too harsh punishments.”

The good news, the school board voted to overturn the 5-day-suspension, the bad news, parents did not get their time.

Outraged parents say when they arrived at the school, the office was empty, and these letters were set out.

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About the prank itself, students can be seen on cell phone footage spraying each other with water guns, while running around outside.

An April 8 statement from a school official explains that the students used water balloons, water guns, eggs, vinegar, and mustard, to vandalize the inside and outside of the school.

The students who participated in the senior prank have so far been banned from walking the stage at graduation, banned from attending senior prom, and were suspended for five days.

And now, Sophie B. Wright High School Board President James Watson says the students involved may be facing criminal charges:

“The incident on April 5 caused injury to at least one teacher and one student. Additionally, school property was sprayed with water and a restroom was compromised. Both personal injury and effects on property are currently under investigation. It is possible that damage caused by these students will result in criminal and civil actions.”


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