Owe child support in La.? Now you can make payments at Walmart, CVS and other locations


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BATON ROUGE – Parents who owe child support can now make cash payments through MoneyGram at Walmart, CVS or any other of MoneyGram’s estimated 780 locations in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services has aligned with MoneyGram, a money transfer company, to electronically send payments to DCFS for transfer to custodial parents.

The new MoneyGram service makes it easier and more convenient for non-custodial parents to make child support payments. P

reviously, the only payment option was a money order mailed to the Centralized Collection Unit in Baton Rouge.

To make a payment through MoneyGram, parents need:

  • Cash.
  • Their LASES member number or LASES case ID.
  • “Receive Code” 14695 (Note: This code can be obtained from the DCFS/Child Support Website, MoneyGram Website or by providing the retailer with the name Louisiana Child Support.)
  • In addition to the payment, MoneyGram charges a $3.99 convenience fee.

In addition to storefront locations, parents can also make payments online at MoneyGram.com or from the MoneyGram smartphone app.

MoneyGram child support payment services are currently available in 30 states across the country.

For information on making child support payments, including MoneyGram, click here.


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