‘Ordo Procinctus’ battles at the Renaissance Fest and wows crowds


HAMMOND (WGNO)— Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all to watch the “Ordo Procinctus’ battle at the Renaissance Fest.

“This group started in the early 1990’s with people interested in martial arts. We wanted to do full contact, so we created our own group and doing that ever since,” Dallas Meana with “Ordo Procinctus” said.

“Ordo Procinctus” uses historic styles of fighting.

“The german long swords, including knife fighting, wrestling. Out here when we do full contact fights, we use wooden weapons, flexible wood that a lot of martial arts weapons are made of,” Meana said.

And of course there’s heavy-duty safety gear.

“Mostly armor. We make most of it here, but some of it is bought and modified,” he said.

In their battles, “we do allow punching, kicking, knees, and takedowns, and they can hit each other with the sticks as hard as they want,” he said.

Meana went on to explain the battles. “It is a point based system very similar to a karate tournament. A 3 judge, 5 point system. Anytime a judge sees something that would be lethal, they flag that corner and 3 out of 5 points wins.

But the real winner is the audience—getting to witness these jaw-dropping battles.

“I think it was really epic and a lot of violence,” a young fan named Tayla said.

For more information about “Ordo Procinctus” and how to join if you’d like, click HERE.

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