One Year Later: A Hard Look at the Hard Rock Collapse

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NEW ORLEANS – Barely standing, the Hard Rock hotel collapse site is an eyesore in the heart of a vibrant city.

On the one year anniversary of the deadly collapse, families of the #HardRock3 remember their loved ones.

Still in shock and truly in disbelief that the building is partially still standing, the family on Quinnyon Wimberly struggle to make sense of this.

“The fact that it took my brother from me. It took Anthony from his family and it took José from his family. I would like to see legislation changed, the way they award contracts so that this never happens gains.”

Frank Wimberly, brother of quinnyon wimberly

This all started early Saturday morning on October 12, 2019. The Hard Rock building began crumbling, sending a cloud of dust and debris that engulfed Canal Street.

When the building came down several crews were still inside. Dozens were injured, and three were killed.

Crews are actively working on taking down the rest of the building, with a current completion bdate of January 2021.

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