On the run. Every day. On every street in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS – Around town, he’s on the run.

Pot holes.

Pit Stops.

No problem.

Not in New Orleans.

Not for Harold Dale, Jr.

WGNO’s Bill Wood found him a man on a mission.

His mission is to run every street in New Orleans.

He’s already hit more than half the more than 2,000 streets in the city.

From Canal to Claiborne.

From Basin to Bourbon.

Speaking of Bourbon Street, Harold used to be general manager at a bar.

But you know what the pandemic did to bars and the people who work in them.

No job means more time to jog.

His journey is no test run.

No run-of-the-mill mission.

No dry run or run through.

It’s for real.

It’s forever.

Across the finish line of Harold’s life.


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