On Grand Isle, the word of the day is ‘gratitude’


Sandbag levy called 'the burrito' saves island from the storm

GRAND ISLE, La – It’s the place that usually gets hit first and worst.

It’s Grand Isle, Louisiana.

It’s home for 1,500 folks.

It’s one of the barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Louisiana coast.

But this time, the island’s preparation prevented another regular round of destruction.

WGNO’s Bill Wood has the story of calm, after the storm.

A few streets flooded.

A few power lines were pulled down by 47-mile-an-hour wind gusts.

What kept most of the water in the Gulf and off the island is a seven-mile-long levy on the beach.

It’s built by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

It’s made from super-sized sandbags.

The folks on the island call it, the burrito.

Police Chief Scooter Resweber considers it a blessing.

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