NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)–On Day 5 of District Attorney Jason Williams tax fraud trial he once again entered court through a private entrance, this after an online death threat was made against him yesterday.

The biggest thing that came out of court today was late in the day when IRS agent, Timothy Moore testified. He showed summaries for several years. In his analysis he said there were several expenses claimed as business expenses when they were actually personal expenses including a French Quarter residence, a payment to Williams’ mom, Mardi Gras and campaign expenses.

Williams’ ex-wife Bridget Barthlemey also testified today. She testified that Williams handled all their finances. She said she first became aware of tax issues when he ran for City Council. She admitted to not knowing how money was handled at Williams’ law firm. She also said she wasn’t happy once Williams’ former law partner Nicole Burdett started taking over their family’s personal expenses.

The IRS agent said in Williams’ case more than $700,000 was falsely reported as business expenses when they were actually personal expenses.

The trial resumes at Federal Court on Monday morning.