Not all the stars are in the New Orleans sky


Young STARZ of NOLA shine on their very own stage

NEW ORLEANS – All the stars are not in the sky.

A dozen of them are dazzling in New Orleans.

Twinkling across a stage.

WGNO’s Bill Wood wants you to meet the stars who are the Young Starz of NOLA.

You’re invited to Starz the Musical, all you have to do is click right here.

Raion Ramsey is the singer and songwriter who’s been shining her light on Louisiana show business kids for more than five years now.

She says these kids all get a gold star from her.

She says, “that’s why they’re called Young Starz of NOLA in the business of giving a voice to the voiceless.”

From the ages of eleven to eighteen, they come from across town.

They come to practice for their big musical that shows what they get from getting up on stage.

Cherelle Palmer is the director.

Cherelle knows that social change and self discovery are written into the script.

Cherelle says, “we have to make sure they’re comfortable and make sure they’re open and make sure they’re on it and their mind not preoccupied with other things.”

They get the chance to shine on stage.

That’s for sure.

What these stars really get is their very own galazy.

The place to have a voice.

And as the CEO of Young Starz of NOLA Raion Ramsey says, “and we believe if your have your own voice, you truly have it all.”

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