North Shore Food Bank has grand opening today


NEW ORLEANS – A local food bank had their grand opening this afternoon and their service is going beyond their doors!

This organization feeds a local hospital once a week and senior citizens once a month!

“I feel healthier for sure! I wouldn’t be eating well enough if I weren’t here at the North Shore Food Bank” North Shore resident, Rick Sky told WGNO.

The brand new facility provides beverages, toiletries and, calculated portions of food to more than 100 families a day in St. Tammany and Washington Parish including Rick Sky’s.

“It’s enabled me to have guests for dinner.”

The generous donations also help Rick maintain a balanced diet without paying a dime.

“It does help me make ends meet” Another North Shore resident shared.

The new location also features a drive thru where each person will go through a checklist every time they visit and as soon as that’s complete, a volunteer or employee will load their trunk with food.

The North Shore Food Bank also serves select items to cancer patients like peaches and they deliver them to St. Tammany Cancer Center.

“Nutrition is a critical component of health and so we wanna make sure we’re capturing everyone not just those that can come through our doors but those that are in need but can’t make it here as well” Development Director, Jamie Andrepont said.

A household of one is able to grab groceries once a month. Homes with two or more people can come twice a month and those who don’t have vehicles can stop by once a week.

“I can’t express how grateful. It’s a basic that so many people struggle with. I’m so fortunate and I’m blessed to have The North Shore Food Bank here.”

The North Shore Food Bank supplies food every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 AM to 12 PM! The food bank is located at 125 W. 30TH Ave, Covington, LA.


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