NOPD Superintendent Ferguson looks back at a tough year and forward to 2021


NEW ORLEANS— More people were murdered in this city last year than any other year since 2007. Today Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson spoke about 2020 and looked ahead to how they can address violent crime this year.

Ferguson said, “We cannot start to talk about 2020 without talking about the increase, the spike in violent crime that we’ve experienced not only here in New Orleans but across the country.”

That increase includes a 71% spike in murders, 69% increase in non-fatal shootings, 1,165 guns taken off the streets, and and 1,800 gun arrests.

The chief also stated that the reasons for the increases vary, “From pandemic impacted economy, to social injustice. Divisive politics, to neighborhood feuds, narcotics, domestic violence to road rage.”

New Orleans begins 2021 down 60 officers from the beginning of last year (1,226), but Ferguson says help is on the way.

“We’re scheduled to also have another 3 classes here in 2021,” said Ferguson.

Finally, the superintendent says that ending the pandemic furloughs should help to address the violent crime issues in the city, “The New Orleans Police Department will remain engaged and prepared to meet the continuing challenges that we foresee in 2021.”


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