NOPD re-launches Reserve Police Academy

NOPD graduates 23 new recruits

The New Orleans Police Department is getting a few new members on the force: 23 recruits graduated from the department’s training academy Friday morning.

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NEW ORLEANS – After 15 years, the NOPD has re-launched it’s Reserve Police Academy.

All interested individuals should register as a Reserve Candidate at

From there, the process follows the same steps as a normal officer.

Applicants must pass all of the pre-hire qualifications, just as a full time paid police officer would.

The NOPD Reserve Police Academy is set to being in late summer, and last about 7 months.

Classes will be two nights per week, at four hours per night, and all day on Saturdays.

There will be three levels of reserve officers, with different duties and responsibilities, as listed below.

LEVEL ONE (Civilian Volunteer)

Level one would be a non commissioned member who volunteers to assist with traffic control, barricades and citizen support during major events such as Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest, etc. To qualify for a civilian volunteer position, the participant must be at least 18 years of age and must pass a drug and background check.


Level two would be a fully commissioned officer, who wears the full NOPD uniform, has completed the full POST Academy, is in field training and attending additional required training. The participant must be at least 20 ½ years of age and must pass a drug and background check.  A level 2 officer will be allowed to wear a uniform, but they CANNOT work alone and must be with a fully trained NOPD officer.


Level three would be a fully functional police officer who has completed all required additional consent decree training and FTO program, in addition to the POST Academy. These officers will be eligible to work paid details and will receive a once a year uniform allowance of $750.00. The participant must be at least 20 ½ years of age and must pass a drug and background check. Level three officers would be allowed to make traffic stops and work details.

For more information regarding the Reserve Police Academy, please visit or contact Troy McConnell at (504) 473-4214 or


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