NOPD officer administers Narcan to overdose victim hours after training

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NEW ORLEANS – NOPD Officer James Roberson didn’t have to wait long to put his life-saving overdose training to the test.

The Fifth District officer ended up administering the anti-overdose drug Narcan just hours after going through the NOPD’s required training on the drug.

Roberson was among three officers responding to a call on the same day as the training when a passerby flagged them down.

“We hear a call for help coming from the side of the road, and it ended up being a bystander that said a friend of his was passed out after doing heroin,”

Roberson called in for emergency medical services and reached for his supply of Narcan in the Opioid Overdose Kit all NOPD officers now carry.

“Whenever I saw him, I knew that he had very little time before a complete overdose was happening,” he said. “He needed help immediately.”

Roberson administered the Narcan in the man’s nostrils, and saw an almost instantaneous reaction.

“About a minute later, he starts to come around,” Roberson said.

Having the tools to counteract the effects of an overdose is the best way to combat the opioid epidemic, according to Roberson.


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