NOMTOC celebrates 50 years in Algiers with a Twist

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NEW ORLEANS — The Krewe of NOMTOC rolled this morning (Feb. 22) for the 50th time in Algiers with 26 floats, nearly 600 riders, and a whole community supporting it.

“This really harkens back to the way Mardi Gras used to be,” says Kristin Gisleson Palmer, the New Orleans councilmember who represents the West Bank and was also riding in the parade.

“It’s a family event,” she continues. “And we used to have so many parades going through neighborhoods. NOMTOC is wonderful because it still does that.”

This year’s parade had a twist. WGNO’s News with a Twist host Tamica Lee was the grand marshal. And, radio host Downtown Lesli Brown was the celebrity guest.

Lawrence Jourdan reigned as the 50th King NOMTOC with Blair Brunet Burnswill as queen.

The NOMTOC parade is known for bringing out large crowds along the route, especially near the Crescent City Connection.

“And, I think we’ve achieved that as ‘New Orleans’ Most Talked Of Club’ (N-O-M-T-O-C),” says captain and president James Henderson.

Henderson says when the Jugs Social Club started the parade 50 years ago, it was small. But, they had big plans.

“The men in this club used to support the schools,” Henderson recalls. “And they worked with All Saints and helped them put on their festival and parade. And then they worked with McDonogh 32, helped them put on parades. As a matter of fact, I was in those parades on little small floats.”

In 1970, the Jugs Social Club started NOMTOC. Since then, it has become a celebration of the Algiers community. The parade was packed with West Bank marching bands. And, the state-champion Edna Karr football team had their own float.

“It’s a testament to the kids and how hard they worked this year, and the coaching staff,” says Karr head football coach Brice Brown. “This is a final ‘hooray’ until we make our next push in 2020.”


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