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KENNER, La.   –  She may be stepping down from her stage.

The stage is like no other stage on Earth.

The drive-thru at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood was just waiting in a car, in line at Popeyes when fried chicken was suddenly served up with a serenade on the side.

That’s because when you drive through this one Popeyes drive-thru, a concert comes right into your car.

Bill Wood is in the drive-thru in good company.  He’s in the car with a New Orleans lady named Joyce and two others when they notice something about the lady they hear through the speaker.

They notice her voice.  It’s good. Really good.

She is Cynthia Carter. She’s the lady in the drive-thru.

Cynthia is the lady who sings the menu from the drive-thru.

She’s been performing on this same stage for, ready for this, 30 years!

30 years!

She’s now contemplating hanging up her microphone.

She’s thinking about doing more work for her church.

But what a legacy she would leave.

That’s a lot of two-piece combos with red beans and rice, mashed potatoes or fries!

Cynthia started singing, three decades ago, when a customer in line, just started singing to her.

Cynthia responded back, by singing.

And she’s been singing ever since.

Cynthia sings the whole menu from side dishes all the way down to desserts.

And it’s from the car, the car Joyce and Bill Wood and two others notice who Cynthia Carter sounds like.

“She sounds like Patti LaBelle,” they say from their front seat waiting for their order to come up at the window.

She’s the “Popeyes’ Patti LaBelle” belting out the menu one note at a time.

No need to read what’s cooking at this Popeyes. All you have to do is listen to the lullaby of the lady who makes fried chicken, fine dining.

If you want to see Cynthia Carter.  If you want to hear Cynthia Carter, her stage is the Popeyes in Kenner, Louisiana. It’s at 3016 Loyola Drive.

Cynthia is waiting for you to order.