NOLA woman’s Serve a Server campaign helping hospitality workers


NEW ORLEANS— Last week we took a look at how big the hole is for our hospitality industry, and how locals could help businesses hang on.

Well one New Orleans woman has started a creative drive to help servers and waiters during these trying times.

Deshun Brumfield talking about her Serve a Server campaign(WGNO-TV)

“I guess you can say I am a serial tipper. I take donations from my facebook friends and Instagram friends and have them send it to a cash app. At the end of every 2 weeks on a Friday, I give my servers whatever is in my cash app,” said Deshun Brumfield of her campaign Serve a Server.

Giving servers cash always comes as a complete surprise and an obvious help to the server, but Brumfield has made it a point of targeting smaller businesses.

According to Brumfield, “I try to go for places who don’t get as much business and try to start with those servers first, so I can help those people.”

Deshun Brumfield handing out cash to server(WGNO-TV)

Today’s spot was Mr. Ed’s Seafood on Carrollton, where Brumfield served not one, but two servers. She’s also a part-time bartender, who counts her blessings to have another full-time job, but she fully understands the plight of our service industry workers.

“For some people this is their only source of income, and I’m like ‘how are they paying their bills?’ This could make or break somebody living on the street or if their car gets towed, so I wanted to be able to give back,” said Brumfield.

Click here for more info on Serve a Server


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