NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – New Orleans photographer Chris Ryan has been snapping snapshots since he was ten

He’s had real jobs.

From grocery store cashier to french fry cook at McDonald’s.

But Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says it’s behind a camera where Chris Ryan wants to be.

And where he really belongs.

These days, his focus is on feet.

In fact, he’s got a gallery full.

It’s a full-fledged masterpiece in motion that puts – the foot – on a pedestal.

Bill Wood says, “of all the majestic mountains and sizzling sunsets to take pictures of, looks like you really put your food in your mouth.”

Chris Ryan says, “feet are beautiful, feet have soles and souls, almost everybody has a pair and they’re fun to shoot.”

At St. Claude Arts, the show is not just a photo opportunity, it’s an invitation for New Orleans sculptor Grace Boyle to express herself as well.

Bill Wood wonders, “most people find feet tired and smelly, anything but artistic.”

Grace Boyle says, “this art piece represents moving forward and I couldn’t think of a better representation than feet.”

Bill Wood asks, “are they ticklish?”

Grace Boyle says, “they’re marble, so not too much.”