NEW ORLEAN (WGNO) – You’ve heard of people who whistle while they work, just listen to the New Orleans bartender who sings while she slings.

That’s while she slings your drink at Loa, the bar at the International House Hotel.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood is at the bar because it’s tea time every day at 5 pm.

And you know what time it is when you check in with Abigail Gullo. Abigail Gullo is not just another bartender.

She’s not just another mixologist.

Abigail is the creative director on this corner.

And this time of year, Abigail is busy being original.

She’s making tea.

Tea for Carnival Season.

It’s a Spiked Rum Tea Punch.

It packs a punch.

And with every sip you take, you taste the recipe that comes right out of New Orleans history.

Every cocktail has a story.

And when Abigail’s behind the bar, every story is served with a song.

You know what time it is.

Around this time of year, it’s Mardi Gras tea time.