NOFD responding to ‘burning roofing material’ at Hard Rock collapse site


NEW ORLEANS – A plume of black smoke could be seen rising from the Hard Rock Hotel collapse site this morning.

The smoke was first spotted around 8:30 a.m. on the Canal Street side of the collapsed building. Seven NOFD units responded to the site within minutes.

Firefighters used a ladder and a crane to reach the fire. No injuries have been reported, according to the NOFD.

A spokesperson for the City of New Orleans released a statement saying residents should avoid the smoke.

“Burning roofing material in the upper part of the Hard Rock site is currently creating heavy black smoke in the area,” the statement read. “The New Orleans Fire Department is responding. At present, there is minimal concern that the fire can spread beyond the Hard Rock site. Residents are advised to avoid the area due to heavy smoke. Nearby residents and business are advised to shut off external air intake, and turn off air conditioners, to limit smoke being brought indoors.”


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