NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The New Orleans Fire Department responded to reports of a fire in a high-rise building early Saturday morning.

According to The New Orleans Fire Department Twitter page, it was a two-alarm fire downtown.

According to NOFD, the fire was reported around 8 a.m., firefighters arrived at the scene of 1001 Howard Avenue minutes later.

Due to the size of the fire, a second alarm was called immediately.

Smoke was coming through the roof according to NOFD.

Crews entered the building and immediately began conducting a primary search.

According to first responders, the building was currently vacant, but the risk of vagrants or squatters being present is always a concern.

While conducting their search, firefighters found multiple points of origin. Much of the smoke traveled up the elevator shaft and exited the building via the roof.

The firefighters on the scene completed their search of the building while additional crews began to extinguish the fires.

It took 15 fire trucks and 36 firefighters to extinguish the fire. By 8:28 p.m. the fire was under control.

No one was injured from the incident.

This incident is currently under investigation.