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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Jewel Scott is all about combat sports. He’s from the Ninth Ward and currently calls Chalmette home. Scott started competing in combat sports with wrestling in high school then moved on to boxing, MMA, and now Power Slap, the new league created by UFC President Dana White.

“This is the sport for right now,” Scott told WGNO News as he was preparing to travel to Las Vegas to compete at the UFC Apex facility. “Fast knockout, straight to the punch.”

Scott’s title in the league is Striker. When he’s not competing or training, he has other titles like Head Trainer at the Title Boxing Club in Metairie. He also teaches martial arts in Slidell.

Scott says he heard about the new league and inquired, and it didn’t take much of a sales pitch to convince him to get involved.

“They told me that Dana White was behind it,” Scott said. “This is directly affiliated with the UFC and owned by Dana White, so it’s definitely a dream come true.”

Scott says he spends more than 30 hour a week working to improve. It’s about delivering a powerful hit as well as developing techniques to endure one.

While the new league has its share of critics, Scott says that it’s only a matter of time before it takes off.

“That’s how I feed my kids. That’s how I live my life.”