New report shows huge number of working poor in Louisiana

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A report releases today by The United Way uses the term ALICE, or Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed the United Way  of Southeast Louisiana shows 40% of Louisiana households are considered working poor and are one emergency from falling into poverty.

The United Way uses the term ALICE, or Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed.

The group says ALICE refers to people who have low-paying jobs with little or no savings.  It lists jobs like teachers, mechanics, store clerks and others as often working hard while barely staying afloat financially.

According to the group, 208,000 ALICE households can be found in Southeast Louisiana.

The United Way’s ALICE study sets a minimum survival income in the region at $19,248 for individuals and $48,492 for a married couple with an infant and preschooler.

Expenses for the families in the formula included housing, child care, transportation, healthcare, and taxes.

Federal guidelines set the poverty level income for an individual at $11,490 and $23,550 for a family of four, according to the United Way.

The group is hoping to use the study as a framework to raise awareness and strengthen local communities.

More information on the United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s ALICE report can be found here.


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