NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Since he graduated from his New Orleans high school, 18-year-old Dillon Nguyen takes time to play video games.

But what you need to know, is he’s well educated and well-heeled.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says, you know that with every pair of shoes he paints.

Bill Wood says, “shoes speak to you, so just what are they saying or whispering?”

Dillon Nguyen says, “they’re saying, Dillon, I know I look good, but I’m feeling a little plain, I think you can spice me up with a little bit of your creativity?”

Bill Wood says, “you’re a shoe artist.”

And Dillon Nguyen says, “a sneakerhead.”

Like Leonardi di Vinci putting the Mona Lisa on a pair of size nine and a half Nikes, Dillon designs custom shoes.

The idea is his invention.

An invention to take a regular-old pair of shoes and make them into a masterpiece.

Bill Wood wonders, “are you okay with people wearing them to work or to work out?”

Dillon Nguyen says, “of course, my art is wearable and durable.

And if somebody wears them and it rains?

Dillon says, “I sprayed a protective coating just in case

When it comes to creativity, Dillon Nguyen is a teenager with his foot already in the door.

With the company he created and calls, Every Shoe has a Sole.

Sort of like the soul of the guy who polishes every shoe to perfection.