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NEW ORLEANS – On Monday morning, Google announced Morrah Burton-Edwards, a Lusher senior, is one of its top 5 national finalists in the 12th annual Doodle for Google competition.

As a National Finalist, Morrah will receive a $5,000 college scholarship, Google hardware for the new school year and “some fun Googley swag.”

And as she enters into the next round of the competition, Morrah is that much closer to having her art on the Google homepage for millions to see.

Morrah is one of five students selected out of 54 state and territory winners. She is the winner in the 10-12th grade category, and a finalist for the grand prize.

The contest, which was open to K-12 students across the United States, asked students to design a Google Doodle inspired by the theme “I show kindness by…”.

Check out their artwork, along with all 54 of the state winners on our website gallery.

In the next and final stage of the contest, a judging panel will determine which of Google’s 5 national finalists will be chosen as the national contest winner.

The winner’s artwork will be featured on Google’s homepage for 24 hours, they’ll receive a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 technology package for their school.

For Morrah’s entry, she wrote: “Kindness is love made visible, so I show kindness by showing my family I love them. But also, when I show strangers and others that I care about them even when they are unkind to themselves is me being kind. A simple act of kindness like a hug can light up someone’s day. But most importantly, I show kindness by loving those even when they are unkind to me. That is the most important time to be kind and the most difficult, but those people need kindness the most.”