NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – If your car could travel, beyond the basic bumper sticker, it might just pull into a parking space you’ll spot only in New Orleans.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood is saving the spot for you.

And your car.

And if the problem you’re out to solve is road rage and you’ve seen it yourself.

This may be at least part of the solution.

They’re called Car Floats.

Like a temporary tattoo, they’re removable, reusable stickers.

Just stick them on your car.

It’s a new avenue for your car to express itself.

It’s the idea of New Orleans graphic design artist Elena Walker.

Elena is behind the wheel.

She created the concept.

It’s a float, like a float in a Mardi Gras parade.

It floats your automobile into a positive side of its personality.

The Car Floats come in a constant parade of categories.

From state flowers, like the sunflower of Kansas.

To a heart, you can stick on and have it for just a few dollars.

Somewhere between a bumper sticker and refrigerator magnet, just listen, your car may just have something to say.

Something nice.

On the road, again.