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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Marlon “Buck” Horton and Lucky Johnson are getting their hands dirty, doing a job that desperately needs to be done. After watching trash rot on the streets of New Orleans for weeks, they knew they had to jump into action.

“Our neighbors was asking us what can we do to help, so that’s when me and Lucky said man, let’s go buy some trailers and do it,” said Horton.

That’s when they started Clean the Block, their own garbage disposal business to help relieve New Orleans of the mounting trash. The duo advertised their services on social media and their phones have been blowing up ever since.

“I cleaned up my block first, we cleaned up Buck’s block next and then it just started spiraling after that,” said Johnson.

They invested in four trailers, using them to tote the trash from the block to the dump. Horton and Johnson say they’ve been serving about 100 households a day and they quickly learned just how difficult the job is.

“The smell, you know the maggots, the juices that falls off the bags, it’s a lot of work,” said Horton.

They say it’s all worth it, especially when they see how appreciative their neighbors are for their services.

“I love it. It’s a good thing for the neighborhood,” said New Orleans resident Patricia Grant.

Horton and Johnson say they’ll continue to clean up as long as the trash continues to mount. It’s a dirty job, but they’re happy to give back.

“I’m honored to do it, because I want my New Orleans people to know no matter what, we resilient, we strong we stick together, and we gonna be alright!” said Johnson.

If you’re interested in hiring Clean the Block for trash removal and cleaning services, you can contact them through Horton’s Instagram page, @_10thwardbuck