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NEW ORLEANS – An online crowdfunding effort has raised over $50,000 to help pay for cancer treatments for Threadhead Records leader Chris Joseph.

Joseph, a Los Angeles native who helped found Threadhead Records shortly after Hurricane Katrina wiped out scores of musicians across the New Orleans area, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

As a not-for-profit, volunteer record label made up of New Orleans music fans from around the world, Threadhead has raised over $500,000 and released over 50 albums by New Orleans artists since its founding, according to singer songwriter and Threadhead artist Paul Sanchez.

Sanchez, who said Joseph is one of his closest friends, helped rally online support for a GoFundMe page created to help send Joseph to Germany for advanced treatments.

“His plan is to be there starting April 21, for about 23 days–to take a chance on dendritic stem cell therapy and daily IVs containing different things from immune modulation to anticancerogen,” according to the page. “He’ll also undergo Hyperthermia to ‘cook’ the cancer cells, Thymus injections, Ozone-Treatments and Cranio-Sacral therapy.”

The effort had a set goal of $50,000, which was met and exceeded within seven days after more than 270 people made donations.

“Sending you love and support, just as you have done all these years,” local photographer Kim Welsh wrote after making a donation. “Let’s go get ’em! Cheers and enjoy a beer and a brat for me!”

Sanchez said he expects a boost this weekend as more Threadhead fans arrive in New Orleans for French Quarter Fest.

Joseph and Sanchez texted every day shortly after Joseph’s diagnosis, resulting in several song ideas that Sanchez said he was able to develop into tracks on his upcoming album, Life is a Ride.

One of the songs the old friends wrote together is the appropriately titled “Tears of Healing,” and deals with Joseph’s ongoing cancer battle.

“We are set down in the stream of time, to find it’s all too brief. We find some peace of mind, and in our sleep we find relief,” Sanchez and Joseph wrote in the song.

Click here to visit Chris Joseph’s GoFundMe page.