New Orleans Hippies hold season two tryouts

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NEW ORLEANS - The time has come to chase your dreams-- that includes women football players.

Which is why the New Orleans Hippies Football Team prepared for tryouts with the help of the strength and conditioning coach, Lance Lacoste.

"We're going to take them into our weight room" Lance told WGNO. "We're going to train them just like we train all of our athletes. You know, we're gonna treat them like the professional athletes that they're gonna be."

Lance and Head Coach, Danielle Coleman meant business. The Hippies practiced three separate drills: the 40 yard dash, agility test, and the vertical jump.

"The age of just men doing something is certainly outdated." Coach Lacoste said.

Putting your mind to it may only be half the battle; you have to be physically ready too.

So why do these women practice so hard almost everyday?

"New Orleans, we deserve a woman's football team" the head coach shared.

"It's not about the money. It's not about you getting props, it's not about you being famous. You just gotta go for what you want."

The Hippies go for what they want... together-- an unbreakable bond.

"It's like a family. It's like family."

As a family, they're all aiming to make the roster to secure their spot for season two.



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