New Orleans’ EMS to wear commemorative badges during LGBTQ+ Pride Month

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NEW ORLEANS – “In anticipation of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the City of New Orleans’ Emergency Medical Services (NOEMS) is proud to wear commemorative badges and support all LGBTQ+ individuals and allies who ‘Serve with Pride.’”

In a statement released by NOEMS, they explained “NOEMS embraces human dignity and diversity. We also recognize the importance of consistently living those values. We have been challenged to do so, especially in the face of homophobia and transphobia. We commit to educate ourselves moving forward so that we can be better stewards of public safety for all of our residents. We strive to not only be tolerant but also accepting, including referring to our patients and colleagues by the identity they know themselves to be.”

These badges represent their commitment to:

  • Educate providers on LGBTQ+ related emergency health conditions, healthcare disparities, and respectful practices when caring for homosexual and transgender patients
  • Conduct LGBTQ+ related sensitivity training for all staff, including teaching management and support for transitioning employees
  • Develop policies and nondiscrimination protections that include gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Develop transparent complaint-handling procedures (both internally and externally) that deal with concerns the same way regardless of age, race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, or ability
  • Appoint an LGBTQ+ individual to serve as liaison between community members and NOEMS regarding LGBTQ+ matters; and
  • Work with local partners to ensure that LGBTQ+ patients have positive pre-hospital healthcare experiences in the City of New Orleans.
    The key to eliminating misinformation is through open communication. Please engage as we build our community together.


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