New Orleans East neighbors still frustrated with trash pickup delays


NEW ORLEANS– Folks living in New Orleans East are frustrated with their trash troubles.

“The problem in New Orleans East the past two months has been inconsistent trash collection,” Kanitra Caston-Hill said.

She went on to say, “My neighbors and I have suffered severely because of this.”

Kanitra lives on Devine Ave. and says finally today after 10 days, Metro Disposal Services picked up her trash, but even though her trash is now picked up, the problem lingers and it is a health hazard.

“The stench, the rodents, and everything else you can name is all over the neighborhood,” she said.

Kanitra is so upset, so she took her concerns to City Hall where they were discussing a new proposal to suspend next month’s trash pick up charges for residents because of the pickup delays. The council will vote on whether that will happen on July 15th.

Metro Disposal services said an employee shortage is causing the pickup delays. In order to solve the problem, they’ve partnered with Richard’s Disposal, Ramelli Waste, and IV Waste, and they’ve even raised their drivers pay to $17 an hour. They say they need about 35 trucks on the streets to catch up.

For Kanitra evewn if the Council decides to suspend next month’s trash pickup charges, it is still not enough.

“We deserve our trash to be picked up,” she said.

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