New Orleans East Hospital selected as a ‘Best Hospital’ at Renaissance Publishing


New Orleans East Hospital

On June 29th, New Orleans East Hospital joined the ranks of top general service hospitals listed on Renaissance Publishing’s

To be included in the “Best Hospitals” post by site staff is an honor, especially considering the
criteria needed to be accepted. In order to even be considered, a hospital must have a minimum
of 60% responses ranking the overall performance as a 9 or 10.

Additionally, the criteria of excellence is determined through the eyes of those who have experienced the quality of care firsthand — the patients.

New Orleans East Hospital staff and leadership pride themselves on their patient centric
healthcare approach:

“The well-being of our city and its citizens is top priority in our efforts to service and enhance the health of our community. At New Orleans East Hospital, that level of work starts with the quality of care that is offered at each step of the process, from start to finish. The care of our patients is taken seriously, and this accomplishment reflects that.” – Dr. Takeisha Davis, CEO of New Orleans East Hospital.


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