NEW ORLEANS EAST (WGNO)— With a nationwide baby formula shortage still being an issue, New Orleans East Hospital is ramping up its efforts to get baby formula into the hands of families.

“New Orleans East hospital always provides the right care, right where you need it,” Dr. Takeisha Davis, President and CEO of LCMC Health’s New Orleans East Hospital.

New Orleans East Hospital is helping fulfill that need by giving away baby formula.

“It is extremely important to help families take care of their most precious resource, which is their children,” she said.

Despite there being an ongoing nationwide baby formula shortage, Dr. Davis says a few days ago they were able to giveaway 250 cases of formula to families with their drive-thru giveaway.

“It was our pleasure to help these families meet their needs during this critical time. It is always heartwarming when mom pulls up and says she’s been to five stores and we are able to provide for at least a few weeks,” she said.

And with the shortage seemingly not ending anytime soon, New Orleans East Hospital is planning more giveaways.

“So we will work with partners to continue to provide access. We are ready to do whatever we need to help our families. Right now that is getting formula into the hands of mothers and babies,” she said.