New Orleans bologna sandwich travels to your zip code anywhere in the USA


Comfort food like your mom would make

NEW ORLEANS – It’s a sandwich.

A classic.

Something your mom would have made you.

A bologna sandwich.

And in New Orleans, a particular bologna sandwich happens when cooking and creativity come together.

WGNO’s Bill Wood has the tale of what happens when pigs fly.

This bologna sandwich is on the move.

About to travel to your house from the folks at Piece of Meat, a butcher shop in New Orleans.

From the hands and heart of butcher Dan Jackson.

And from the mind of Meat Mama Leighann Smith.

The sandwich can leave New Orleans and arrive for dinner at your house the next day.

As Leighann Smith says, “it’s a real ticket to flavor town, a twist on an old classic, good comfort food that really wraps its arms around you and gives you a hug.”

If you’re ready to take a bite, just click right here please.

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