New Orleans bachelorette party crashed by dead body in Airbnb

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NEW ORLEANS – From St. Louis to New Orleans, this bachelorette party became memorable for all the wrong reasons.

We found this information on a blog post that has since been deleted.

When we asked Abbey why she chose to delete the blog, she explained:

“We found the obituary for the man we found and our group collectively decided that we didn’t want the family of the deceased to stumble upon it, since the blog has gotten so much attention the past couple days. He was so young and looks like he had his own struggles, so we wanted to be sensitive to the issue.”

The Party

Eight lovely ladies were looking forward to a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day weekend bachelorette party in New Orleans.

When they arrived at their Airbnb, there was a man sitting on the couch in the common space.

Assuming he was the owner, and only seeing the back of him, the ladies went on with their business.

They spent the next few hours getting ready for a wild night on Bourbon.

A few girls walked back to the Airbnb around midnight, while the rest of the group stayed out till around 2 A.M.

When the 2 A.M. group noticed the man was sitting in the exact same position, in the exact same spot, they knew something was up.

One of the girls, a nurse, checked for a pulse, but was unable to find one.

She recalls the man had foam around his mouth, and was cold, as if he had been dead for hours.

From here, police come, several statements are taken, and the girls are off to find a new place to sleep.

The girls say Airbnb did a good job in refunding their money, and paying for them to get a hotel for the night.

Abbey ends her blog by saying that their weekend in New Orleans wasn’t completely ruined…

“In fact, New Orleans was one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to! The rich history in this city is UNREAL and the St. Patrick’s Day parade was the best part of the trip. I even caught a cabbage thrown from a float. 🥬 Apparently that’s a normal occurrence… getting hit in the head with other random vegetables is also a normal occurrence.”

An Airbnb representative has confirmed that the deceased did not have an Airbnb account and was not associated with any previous reservations at the home.


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