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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – In his kitchen, cooking up his latest creation, Ryan Kurr has the right recipe.

He’s the New Orleans ice cream guy with a brand new flavor for the city.

It’s a mix of marshmallow cream and magnolia.

He calls it New Dawn.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood is taking a taste test.

Ryan Kurr says, “what inspired this flavor is the spirit and community of New Orleans.”

Bill Wood asks, “New Dawn sounds like the kind of ice cream you’d eat for breakfast.”

Ryan Kurr says, “I eat ice cream for breakfast, it could be depending on when you want to eat your treats.”

Ryan is writing his own resume.

From his flavor of the month to the three books he finished to the pages of the magazine where he appears on the cover.

The magazine is called WITCHES.

Ryan says, “for me, being a witch is all about how I react and approach to everything happening throughout my day and really aware of my energy and consciousness.

Bill Wood says, “so you’re a good witch unless you’re a sandwich.”

Ryan says, ” an ice cream sandwich.”

If you’d like to order New Dawn or any of Ryan Kurr’s ice cream flavors, just contact him by clicking right here.