JEFFERSON PARISH (WGNO)— With a completely full Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, the cats and dogs are in need of forever homes.

“We are getting creative on housing animals because we have so many,” Brittany Falgoust, Manager at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter said.

Many of the pets are being housed in the offices of employees at JPAWS. The shelter is overcrowded and full with 200 dogs and 175 cats.

“We have pets anywhere from 13 years old to 13 days old. We are not getting animals out at the same rate that they are coming in at this point,” Falgoust said.

Because they are not getting enough adoptions they are now going to need to ship animals out.

“We are making transports of dogs and cats to Tennessee. We’re working on Michigan and Washington transport as well,” she said.

To make the adoption process more desirable, the The Inner Pup, a local non-profit organization, provided 83 of JPAWS dogs with heartworm shots, making it easier for people to want them.

“So there are 83 heartworm safe dogs, girls, boys, big, small, that are now protected for six months,” Falgoust said.

Moving forward one paw at a time, they just need these pets to find loving homes.

“We need members of the community to help with the animals that are here,” she said.