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NEW ORLEANS — The National WWII Museum and Arizona State University have teamed up to launch of a new online master’s degree program in World War II Studies.

The unique program and partnership is the only of its kind in the United States and will be offered starting in January 2019, according to a news release from the museum.

The graduate degree program – a fully accredited online Master of Arts in World War II Studies from Arizona State University – consists of 30 hours of coursework taught by WWII scholars from both institutions.

Classes will feature in-depth discussions on the war’s military campaigns, impact on civilians and the Holocaust. Educational focus will also include the importance of preserving oral histories from the war, representations of World War II in film and literature, and the war’s lasting impact on democracies around the world.

The World War II Studies master’s degree program is designed for various types of students: history and social studies teachers seeking a master’s degree; others interested in career advancement or degree credentials; those wishing to strengthen their research, reasoning and writing skills for new employment opportunities; and those seeking intellectually stimulating learning experiences.

“The Museum’s mission has always been to educate future generations on the American experience in the war that changed the world,” said Gemma Birnbaum, Director of the WWII Media and Education Center at The National WWII Museum. “By partnering with Arizona State University, we are offering students the unique opportunity to learn from leading experts who can provide the most comprehensive view of a global conflict that still shapes our society and political structures today.”

The institutions will also partner to offer a series of online noncredit courses through Arizona State University’s Continuing and Professional Education program – a curriculum designed to give WWII enthusiasts the rare opportunity to engage and interact with historians on a subject matter that has fascinated them for decades. Noncredit courses will also be available in January 2019.

For more information, or to apply for the Master of Arts in World War II Studies program, visit Arizona State University  online. Deadline for applications is December 1, 2018.