National and local incentives offered to folks getting vaccines


NEW ORLEANS— The push is on to get over 70% of adults vaccinated, and it’s an effort happening locally and on a national level.

Dr. Cameron Webb, Senior Advisor on the White House COVID-19 Task Force told WGNO News, “The low hanging fruit has already been picked so its really a matter of making sure we go to the grass roots, we work at the community level, we pull out all the stops to make sure everybody has an opportunity to get vaccinated.”

Today President Joe Biden announced a National Month of Action to Mobilize an All-of-America Sprint to get to 70% vaccinations.

Dr. Cameron Webb, Senior Advisor on the White House COVID-19 Task Force

It turns out that many of the best practices have come from communities.

According to Webb, “We’ve been learning from communities this entire time. Over the last several months some really creative and innovative solutions have come from communities all across the country.”

The effort to ramp up vaccines with incentives also took shape in New Orleans at the McDonald’s on Canal St, who offered a free meal with a shot.

Owner, Chris Bardell stated, “Once we get everybody vaccinated we can open back up, we can get our folks back in to the restaurants, back out in the communities to have some fun, this is New Orleans.”

There was also a mobile testing effort at Kipp New Orleans Schools.

Morgan Ripski of the New Orleans Public Schools said, “We just want to reduce barriers vaccines for as many folks in our community as possible.

The White House ahs also partnered with corporations across the country to offer incentives like free airline tickets and X-boxes as well.

“The business community, they recognize how valuable it is for us to get back to normal. They want to see it happen as much as anybody and I think that that’s where they’re saying, ‘hey, we’ll do anything we can to get folks vaccinated,” said Webb.

Click here for the White House vaccine incentives

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