Behind the baby grand. The two-time Grammy nominee. He’s the teacher


Jamison Ross is now a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS -Jamison Ross teaches a college class.

He calls it Style and Practice.

He teaches at Loyola University in New Orleans.

Jamison Ross is a man who loves music.

He’s a drummer.

He’s a singer.

He’s a teacher now.

And as WGNO’s Bill Wood says, Jamison Ross is a two-time Grammy Award nominee.

That’s impressive!

And especially to his students.

Hunter Wainwright says, “it helps us analyze every aspect of music he can explain it through his experiences with other musicians even when he’s making his own records he can explain all that and I think it’s the best thing about having him.”

Racquel Leonard feels the same way.

She says, “I feel it allows you to just feel like it allows you to just feel inspired about everything that you experience day to day.”


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