NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)– The trial of Darren Bridges—the man accused of killing a New Orleans Police Officer in 2017 continued today.

Bridges faces 1st Degree Murder charges for the shooting death of NOPD Officer Marcus McNeil.

Today prosecutors continued presenting their case questioning NOPD Sgt. David Barnes about the contents of a backpack believed to belong to Bridges.

On the witness stand, Barnes testified about bags with crack cocaine and pills that he says were found in the backpack when Bridges was stopped by Officer McNeil.

When it was time for cross examination, Defense Attorneys focused not on the drugs, but on the body camera footage of the scuffle between McNeil and Bridges, arguing that McNeil’s use of a taser during the fight was unjust.

But Sgt. Barnes testified that when an Officer believes that he could be injured, taser use is authorized and McNeil’s use of the taser in this case did not violate NOPD policy.

The trial resumes next week and is expected to wrap on Tuesday.