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UPDATE: Street signs along Louisiana Avenue were removed Thursday after a particularly embarrassing spelling error went viral. Read more:
NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It seems someone has trouble spelling “Louisiana.” Our viewers helped WGNO find four street signs where Louisiana Avenue is misspelled. In every case, an “i” is missing. We first reported that the street sign at Louisiana Avenue and Prytania Street was misspelled. Then viewer Jonathan Barns took it upon himself to investigate all the signs. He found the signs marking the intersection of Louisiana Avenue at Coliseum, Chestnut, and Camp are all spelled wrong. “What does the world have against there being 2 i’s in Louisiana?,” Zenovia Wallis wrote on WGNO’s Instagram. “We just got free family reunion t-shirts last weekend bc they left out an i.” Amy Comeaux offered a different opinion writing, “In all fairness, us Cajuns do pronounce it LOO-siana, instead of LOO-EE-siana lol.” The typo problem doesn’t end at misspelling Louisiana. “This happens more than you think,” Mary Hefler wrote on WGNO’s Facebook page. “We have two streets that intersect in St. Tammany that were spelled wrong. Took two years to get it fixed.” Typos can happen to anyone. We’re just glad our mistakes don’t end up printed on metal signs. Correction: We originally stated that someone in the Public’s Works Department did not know how to spell Louisiana. However, we have been informed that the street signs along Louisiana Avenue were put up by the United States Army Corps of Engineers as part of the drainage projects along Prytania, Napoleon, Louisiana and Jefferson Avenue.