Multiple car break-ins at the Audubon Zoo

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NEW ORLEANS – Audubon’s Security Team hopes additional security cameras and increased security patrols will deter future criminals.

The first car burglary occurred on August 2.

And just nine days later, a similar incident occurred in the Zoo parking lot on August 11.

Audubon’s Security Team were able to obtained suspects’ license plate numbers from both incidents, and have turned that information over to law enforcement.

The Audubon Zoo issued the following statement on the incident, “Audubon’s Security Team is working closely with NOPD on the recent car burglaries at the Zoo, and Audubon deeply sympathizes with the impacted families. Audubon is committed to ensuring the safety of our guests and is working to prevent any additional occurrences by significantly increasing onsite law enforcement and expanding our camera presence on grounds. Audubon Zoo has always been a safe place for families, and we are shocked by these incidents. We remain steadfast in our commitment to guest and employee safety, and we are proactively working with the City and NOPD to prevent these unfortunate incidents from happening in the future.”


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