NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Sunday marked the final day of Jazz Fest, as well as Mother’s Day. The crowd and performers did not disappoint.

“God is so good. I missed two years, but this year, I’ve been here three days,” said Donella Daniels, a mother who was enjoying Jazz Festival with her sisters and fellow church members. “This is my third day.”

A perfect spot to spend some of your Sunday is the Gospel Tent.

“Being out, enjoying… it’s not like I haven’t been to church today; I have, but you just can’t get enough,” said Daniels. “It’s the local choirs, not just the people from out of town, but even the local choirs that I don’t get to see because I’m in my own sanctuary, so this is a great experience.”

Located next to one the strawberry lemonade stands, the gospel tent is a great spot to cool off and enjoy time with the family.

“[My son is] a musician, and we love to come to the Gospel Tent every time we’re at Jazz Festival,” said Hennessy Brown, a mother who was enjoying Jazz Festival with her family.

Mothers are grateful this Mother’s Day to finally get to share this experience with their children.

“It feels so good to experience it with these two,” said Brown as she held her son and stood alongside her oldest. “I came when I was younger, but it feels even better experiencing it with these two.”

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