More than 800 flood claims filed so far in New Orleans


Flooding on St Ann in Mid-City submitted by Susan Messer

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NEW ORLEANS — More than 800 flood claims have been filed in New Orleans, though that number might not represent all the damage from the Aug. 5 flood that was caused by an extreme rain event and failures with the city’s pumping system.

The number, released by the city Monday night,  was calculated through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.

Because the flooding was so different from block to block, the city is going door-to-door in impacted areas to try to assess the damage.

The city is seeking volunteers to help with going door-to-door and also asks that anyone with questions on debris collection, flood assessment or flood cleanup call 311 as this helps the city get more information about specific impact of flooding.

Several New Orleans neighborhoods were inundated the afternoon of Aug. 5 when as much as nine and a half inches of rain fell in some neighborhoods within a couple of hours.

The Sewerage and Water Board initially claimed that all pumps were functioning properly and attributed the widespread damage to climate change. It was later learned that up to 17 pumps were not functioning at full capacity during the rain event. Sewerage and Water Board Director Cedric Grant retired because of the failure, and other Sewerage and Water Board employees have been fired or resigned for not being honest about the pumps.

The city’s problems worsened a few days later, when a fire damaged the city’s only working turbine that operates the city’s water pumps. Backup generators and parts have been ordered, and repairs are under way.

Meanwhile, four public meetings are scheduled this week to provide information and resources to victims of the flood. Other community organizations will also be on hand to talk about additional services.

The flood recovery resource center will be hosted at the Corpus Christi Community Resource Center at 2200 St. Bernard Ave., (entrance at the corner of N. Galvez Street and Onzaga Street) during the following days and times:

•            Wednesday, Aug. 16, 3pm to 7pm;

•            Thursday, Aug. 17, 3pm to 7pm;

•            Friday, Aug. 18, 10am to 2pm; and

•            Saturday, Aug. 18, 10am to 2pm.

For more information on flood recovery resources, residents and business owners can click here  or call 311.


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