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NEW ORLEANS — The Jefferson Davis monument at the corner of Canal Street and Jeff Davis Parkway is coming down overnight Wednesday, according to a letter sent to parents of a school that’s located near the statue.

The letter, written by Morris Jeff Community School Principal Patricia Perkins, tells parents that NOPD Chief Michael Harrison said the monument will be taken down after midnight:

He advised me to not cancel school tomorrow … but to inform parents that Canal Street will be blocked off from all corners.

For safety and security please do not post this on social media because doing so may attract more protesters. 

The city took down Liberty Place monument, the first of four Confederate monuments slated for removal, in the early morning hours of April 24. The workers who took down the statue wore masks, and the area was heavily guarded by police and snipers.

The overnight removal of the first monument has sparked much protest and brought in dozens of Confederate monument supporters from out of state who have camped out at the Jeff Davis statue since Liberty Place was taken down.

The city has refused to give details on when the remaining three monuments – Jeff Davis, PGT Beauregard and Robert E. Lee – will come down, citing security concerns.

A protest and counter protest Sunday sparked a few heated moments and three arrests, after hundreds of Take ‘Em Down Nola supporters marched from Congo Square to Lee Circle, where dozens of counter protesters were waiting.

Listen to a voicemail the school sent out to parents: