Mitch Landrieu says Trump is ‘stuck on stupid,’ calls for end to government shutdown

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NEW ORLEANS – Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is making waves by saying that President Donald Trump is “stuck on stupid” for allowing the government shutdown to continue.

Landrieu offered the blunt assessment during a guest appearance on Hardball on MSNBC.

“The President is way stuck on stupid right now,” Landrieu said to host Chris Matthews. “There is no mayor in America in his right mind or her right mind that would ever think about shutting down the government. This is why the people of America are really frustrated with Washington. It’s not an option. If you were a mayor and you shut down the government, they will put you in the ground, figuratively, within 24 hours.”

Landrieu said Trump has told the nation he has shut down the government because he wants to secure the nation, but the shutdown has obliterated the paychecks of the very people who are in the business of securing the nation.

“The FBI, the ATF, the Coast Guard, the National Finance Center in New Orleans, Belle Chasse Air Force – all of these folks whose job it is to secure us are really now having a very difficult time doing their job,” he said.

Landrieu sent out a follow up tweet on his official account reiterating his earlier comments.

“Yes, I said it,” Landrieu wrote. “He’s stuck on stupid. Long past time to end the shutdown and get to work.”


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