Mississippi River nearing flood stage


A view of the Mississippi River near the Carrollton gauge

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NEW ORLEANS — The Mississippi River is still rising.

Friday morning, it was higher than 16 feet at the Carrollton gauge, which puts river levels within a foot of the flood stage.

These pictures show what the river looked like near The Fly behind the Audubon Zoo.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has increased patrols of the river levees in response to rising river levels. It also tested the Bonnet Carre Spillway last week in case it needs to be opened to drain water from the Mississippi, but the Corps does not expect the spillway to be opened this year.

The last time the Corps opened the Spillway was January 2016 to mitigate flooding in the Mississippi. It was only the 11th time in the Spillway’s history that it had to be opened.

The Mississippi River typically sees higher than average water levels every spring as snow melts in the North and the South experiences heavier rains.

A view of the Mississippi River near the Carrollton gauge


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