Mike Yenni says he’s not running for reelection because of sexting scandal

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METAIRIE – Mike Yenni will not run for reelection.

Yenni posted a lengthly statement on his Facebook page touting his accomplishments and referencing his refusal to step down amid a recall effort that came about after he was accused of sexting a then-underage teenage boy.

“I share these facts knowing many of you who are reading this believe I should have stepped down from office,” Yenni wrote. “I did not because I believed it was my obligation to this parish to do the job I said I would do, and the progress over the past year has reaffirmed the ability of our government to serve Jeffersonians. I am grateful for the leadership team and Jefferson Parish public employees who I have worked alongside and who have admirably carried out the business of this parish. I am grateful to this council for its leadership and continued collaboration. And no words can describe the deep gratitude I have for those of you who gave me inspiration, hope, and confidence along the way.”

Yenni said his actions that led to the recall effort directly led to his decision to not run again.

“I recognize that running for a second term would result in me having to spend the entire campaign talking about issues other than the great strides and forward movement Jefferson Parish has made under my administration,” he wrote. “I can’t submit my family, friends, and this parish to months of that kind of campaign. Michelle and I have two children and a third on the way, and as we prepare our growing family for the future I must focus on family and step away from politics. Therefore, I will not qualify for re-election. I also want the people of Jefferson to know that I recognize the disappointment caused by my personal actions. I apologized then and I am just as contrite today. However, that never, ever impacted my ability to deliberate, act or govern.”

Read Yenni’s complete statement below:


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