Mick Jagger drops major hint that the Rolling Stones are coming to Jazz Fest

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NEW ORLEANS – Music fans have been buzzing with rumors that the Rolling Stones are coming to Jazz Fest in 2019, and that theory just got a huge boost from none other than Mick Jagger.

In a video posted to his official Facebook page, Jagger strums a guitar while singing a song about the legendary band’s upcoming No Filter 2019 tour.

“Well I just found out today, that we’re going to the USA,” Jagger sings. “Where the hell we going to live? Where the hell we going to play?”

From there, Jagger goes on to list the stops of the 2019 tour, which were also presented in a link accompanying the video.

“I think it’s Miami, Florida, Jacksonville and Houston, New Orleans and Glendale…” Jagger sings.

Miami, Jacksonville, and Houston are the first three stops on the tour, according to the announcement.

The next listed stop is on May 7 in Glendale, Arizona, but in the song, Jagger clearly says “New Orleans and Glendale.”

Jazz Fest organizers recently announced an extra day of festivities this year, with a “Locals Thursday” tacked onto the opening weekend instead of its traditional place kicking off the second week of the fest.

The website Best Classic Bands is collecting rumored dates for the Stones’ upcoming 2019 tour, and has listed May 2 as the New Orleans stop on that tour.

When asked for a comment, Jazz Fest spokesman Matthew Goldman said only that the 2019 lineup will be released in December.

But we may already have our answer from Mick Jagger himself.


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