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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Isaiah Jackson Jr. goes by a different name at the Redfish Grill in the French Quarter.

“Good evening folks. Welcome to Redfish Grill. My name is Ike and I’ll be your server for the day, alright?” says Jackson.

Ike has been serving at Redfish Grill for nine-and-a-half years, and he’s made a name for himself over the years. He was named 2007’s server of the year, and you may have seen him on the silver screen, too. Ike was behind the wheel for two seasons of “Treme.”

“I’m the cab driver driving all the main actors around. I play myself. Ike is Ike Jackson,” says Jackson.

You may have also seen him in “American Horror Story,” “True Detective” and “Twelve Years A Slave.”

But don’t worry, the server we’ve come to know and love isn’t hanging up his apron just yet.

“I’m not quitting my day job by far baby. I love waiting tables. That’s my calling car right there,” he says.

Ike went to St. Augustine High School and LSU and calls himself a “true New Orleanian.”

He was born and raised Uptown and has been in the restaurant business practically since day one, helping his father at his bar, Ike’s Place.

Ike says he enjoys serving because each day is different. And the customers who know him by name, that’s Ike’s lagniappe.

“That’s what gets me baby, having them come back. I aim to please, baby. When you come to Redfish Grill, ask for the one and only Ike Jackson. Here you will get the one and only real deal,” he says.