NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Fighting Spirit.

That’s the name of a New Orleans gym.

And it’s the personality of the guy who runs the place.

Mac McCall.

He never sits down on the job.

Except once a week, as WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood wants you to see.

That’s every Wednesday when some of his clients come in to meditate.

They’re from Mercy Endeavors Senior Center in New Orleans.

The meditation takes only half an hour.

Mac McCall leads them along like a tour guide into the soul.

Right there on the front row is Dorothy Payton.

She’s a great, great grandmother.

Dorothy retired from the insurance business after 30 years.

Now she’s got time for her meditation.

She says it makes her free.

Like a bird, she says.

After meditation time, it’s time to move.

That means everybody is a free spirit.

And that’s the price of admission.

It’s free.

Bill Wood says, “you’re in business to make money, but you don’t charge a thing.”

Mac McCall says, “I believe it’s about compounding impact and not compounding interest and I truly believe a billionaire is a person who positively impacts a billion lives.”

The party ends with a dance party.

Just a little something else to meditate on.

That’s until this time, next week.

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